The Grinch’s 25 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 12

Some family holiday traditions

Wow where to begin. Well my favorite was always the huge Christmas party my mom’s side would have at my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve. The past 2 years we’ve had it at my cousins’ house because my grandparents moved to a condo, and while it’s still fun, it’s not the same. All my cousins and I still go to their condo on the weekends in December to bake cookies and decorate the tree. We walk into town and window shop too. So it’s sort of a new tradition. There’s this store called Waterloo Gardens that always outdoes itself for Christmas, so we always go in and see the decorations. Unfortunately  it closed this year, but another new tradition we started a few years ago was taking the train into Philly to see the decorations and the light show in the Wanamaker building (now Macy’s) and the Comcast center and get lunch. So even though some traditions are ending, others are just beginning.